Thursday, January 28, 2010

Circles with Fashion Makeovers

I only have a few minutes to post my blog before midnight (my self imposed deadline), so I'll throw something up and then refine it later. I was inspired for this blog by both Project Runway and by one of my students. My student was circling a number on her music page when her circle started to change shapes on purpose. Then she told me it was a circle with a fashion makeover. Adorable. The illustrations include my original quick watercolor sketch I did while watching Project Runway, and then variations I did in Photoshop. The dress has circles with fashion makeovers as its pattern.

Circles with Fashion Makeovers

Circles with fashion makeovers
Which way to go
Inside outside
Empty or whole
Belted with bracelets
Round and bold,
Loops and hoops
Orbit the figure
Crowned with a wreath
Of global proportions
An arc in sideways
A bend to the back
Curvature to provoke
A sexy look
Copyright 2010 - LAM

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