Thursday, January 7, 2010

Zig Zag

Hi Everyone,

My head has been pounding all day from a sinus headache.
It is chronic due to allergies (everything WA related - molds!)
I've relied on Sudafed to breathe for a long time now so I'm probably well preserved.
I'm still focusing on getting organized. Watching 'Hoarders' on TV just once
has really inspired me to get rid of "stuff" and organize my stacks of papers.
Baby steps, baby steps.
Illustration - Orange guitar is a new drawing I did and then tweaked
with CS4 Photoshop (my son's Christmas present to me.) Very fun!

Zig Zag

I zigged
When I should have zagged
I zagged
When I should have zigged
I dinged
When I should have donged
I donged
When I should have dinged
So now I zig zag, ding dong
Trying to think up today's new song

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