Friday, January 22, 2010

Twitter Bug

I'm posting my blog early today because later I'll be setting up my studio, going straight to teach some lessons, and then straight to a gig. Disclaimer: I think I slept on my glasses because they are incredible crooked this morning so it is difficult for me to read the screen therefore any misspellings, bad grammar etc. will have to be corrected later when I can see.

My topic for today is the latest craze which I'm starting to do, but only from my computer so far- Tweeting on Twitter.

Twitter Bug

Tweet, tweet, twit away
The twitter bug carries her load
Of 140 characters or less
In the Twittersphere of words
Messages of all types flow
Hashtags used for creating a buzz
A Twitter bug knows
Instantly where to go
Oh know here it comes
An attack of Tweitterrhea
From a Twitterholic
So little time for the
Twitter bug to frolic

Copyright 2010 - LAM

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