Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Music for your Eyes

My friend Susan told me this evening that Haiti had another earthquake of 6.2 magnitude. I was living in the Bay Area in 1989 when it was hit by the 7.1 earthquake. I was actually in a recording studio in Berkeley when the earthquake was happening,
and we were playing back some tracks when we felt it. At first I was thinking, wow, the bass on that track is causing a lot of low end vibrations. When we went outside a lot of water towers and other buildings were in flames and brick buildings had crumpled.

My poem isn't related to the earthquakes, but I was talking to my friend while I was posting
my blog which influenced me to talk about the earhquakes even though I originally wanted to share my Music for your Eyes
poem/lyrics for today.

This poem was inspired by the background music playing while I was grocery shopping.
I started to think of lyrics to a song, and this is my initial idea.

Music For my Eyes

You are music for my eyes
Only my diary sees
The reasons why
I feel the way I do
Loving you
You are music for my eyes
A clear vision of two
An oracle predicts
For our future view
You are music for my eyes
A melody for my gaze
A symphony for our picture
You are music for my eyes
Copyright 2010 - LAM

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