Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Cat Ate All my As


I'm still really tired with a kink in my neck. Ouch! Okay enough complaining. Played a gig last night and taught lessons all day. The poem on this post was inspired by my student Claudia. We were reading music when she said, "What if a dog ate all the Gs?"
Well since I have a cat, Poe -(named after Edgar Allen Poe), my poem has a feline twist to it.

My C_t _te my _s

I woke up tod_y
Deep in a mystery
When I opened the newsp_per
Much to my dism_y
I noticed th_t it w_s missing
_ll of the _s
Hmmm I pondered
How could this be
Wh_t kind of trickery
It w_s then I he_rd
My c_t meowing
When I looked at her
I noticed something str_nge
_ cert_in letter w_s
_ll _round her mouth
Why my c_t is guilty
She _te _ll the _s

Copyright 2010 - LAM

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