Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sleep Deprived

Wed. January 6th -
Very, very tired. I was inspired by listening to Dr. Daniel Amen
on public television Sunday night after my gig.
Even though I was feeling extremely tired yesterday, I mentally tried
to talk myself out of it. I ended up doing too much, and I've rendered myself
basically useless today. I was inspired watching Yo Yo Ma on public television at 4 am however.
What did I accomplish today - taught a few piano lessons, and reviewed Teen Town - Weather Report
on the bass to teach my student. Very inspiring to me. Consider it only took me about 15 minutes
to get it up to speed - Jaco speed. Now I just have to lose about 10 more pounds so that I
can make my Youtube videos which will depict me playing Teen Town & Donna Lee.
I was going to work out after I was done teaching, but I think I should get some sleep so
that I can work out harder, stronger, better tomorrow.

Very Tired

Where oh where
are my zzzz's
Where oh where
are my dreams to be
Where oh where
are my snores & sighs
Where oh where
is my fxxxing million dollars
so that I don't have to work
so hard
so that I have time to focus
on my creativity
so that I can get some sleep
Where oh where oh were
are my Ben Franklins hiding from me

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