Wednesday, January 13, 2010


☆ spacey or spacy (spā′sē)
adjective spacier spac′i·er, spaciest spac′i·est
very eccentric or unconventional
not in touch with reality; flighty, irresponsible, neurotic, etc.

I love this definition of spacey. It is so me!!!
Okay, I went to the doctor for the first time in
a year and a half
and had my blood test done. I found out on Monday that
everything was good - much to my surprise - except my cholesterol.
It is 386 over 286. Bad, bad, bad. In my defense, I'm not eating fried foods, dripping too much butter on my food, and I do exercise everyday. It is genetic! My dad died of a heart attack at the
age of 49.
I've been avoiding taking this statin medicine for a reason. It makes my tummy feel weird,
and it makes my SPACEY!!!!
I mean spacier than the normal artistic spacey for me. Not good!!!
I'm driving my car to teach a lesson today, and I forget that I'm driving half way there. Not good!!!!
So, if you see me driving your way - RUN!!!!


The invasion of the body snatchers
Has happened to me
I can’t remember anything
Not even if I’m allergic to bees
I step in doggie poop
On the path to my front door
Now getting on my hands and knees
And scrubbing my rugs
I get to explore

Copyright 2010 - LAM

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