Thursday, January 21, 2010

Project Runway - Earthquake Dress

I slept heavily last night and woke up with an incredible pain in my neck. Wah! It hurts constantly, and it is making it very difficult for me to concentrate. If I had a pain killer other than asprin I would take it. I think after watching one of my favorite shows, 'Project Runway', I will hit the hay. I did a quick fashion watercolor - I'll call my 'Earthquake Dress.' The other illustrations I tweaked once again in photoshop. Nighty night.

Fashion Passion

Fashion passion
Materials so frill
Cotton, satin, chiffon, or silk to kill
One shoulder
Deep cut in the front
Bow on the side
Designs for girls with bumps
Dresses designed for
Too much junk in the trunk
Fashion week
Fashion weeps
One day you’re in
One day you’re out
“Just make it work”
“Duh!” that’s what we’re trying to do
Create a new design
Which screams the
“Wow!” factor

Copyright 2010 - LAM

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